The Woodturning Process Part 1


The woodturning process begins with what else?  The wood.  There are many sources of wood.  For many of my projects I use urban hardwoods that otherwise would be headed to the landfill or firewood pile.  I first cut the wood into manageable pieces using a chainsaw.  These pieces are then cut down to size on a bandsaw.

IMG_2495w  I then seal the wood with a greenwood sealer or rough turn it.

IMG_2493w IMG_2497w IMG_2498w IMG_2499w  Rough turning removes the bulk of the wood allowing it to dry faster.  It also allows you to see defects, grain pattern and color.

IMG_2515w  After rough turning I cover the entire piece with the greenwood sealer.  The pieces are then set aside to air dry.  This typically takes 4 to 6 months for smaller pieces and up to a year for larger ones.

IMG_2519w  Woodturning is generally fun but cleaning up the mess is a different story.