The Woodturning Process Part 1


The woodturning process begins with what else?  The wood.  There are many sources of wood.  For many of my projects I use urban hardwoods that otherwise would be headed to the landfill or firewood pile.  I first cut… Read More

Making “Black on Black” wood pots video

Elm Pot

A short video showing how I made this “Black on Black” wood pot.

“Black on Black” Wood Pots

Elm Pot

I started a new series of wood pots that I’m calling “Black on Black”.  The series is inspired by the work of Maria Martinez the famous San Ildefonso potter.

Two Peices Accepted into Art Show

maple box

              Two of my pieces were recently selected by jury to be show in the Gilpin County Arts Association’s annual juried art show.  The show runs from June 8th until August 4th in Central City, Colorado.