A few new pens


I just listed three beautiful new Camp Hale pens on Etsy.  You can find them here https://www.etsy.com/shop/HathawayStudios






The first pen is made with beautiful exotic Cocobolo.  The middle pen is made with a stunning piece of Redwood Burl.  The third pen is made with Gabon Ebony, one of the world’s most prized woods for it’s near black color.

Looking for a unique gift, check out my new Kickstarter project.


My latest project is the creation of a line of unique pens inspired by Colorado.  Each pen is a one of a kind functional work of art.  They are the perfect and affordable gift and come in a wide range of styles.



One man’s trash another man’s treasure.


Earlier this year I visited a local wood dump were unwanted trees, brush and wood are turned into mulch or compost.  I thought that I’d poke around and see if I could find anything usable for turning.  Most of the pieces were from what many people around here consider junk trees.  Over the years I have come to really like these trees for their beautiful wood.

While digging though the pile I found and unusual piece of wood.  It was full of twisting and contorted grain.  Pieces like this can often be extremely challenging to work with but when they work they yield some of the most spectacular wood grain patterns.  I think this piece worked extremely well.  I have been working with wood my entire life and I have never seen a grain pattern like this one.  To me it’s a real treasure.



Finished Bowls for Kickstarter Backers


birdseye-maple-salad-bowlThese are the bowls that I created for my Kickstarter backers.


birdseye-maple-salad-bowl bowls2 catalpa-salad-bowl linden-salad-bowl silver-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowl birdseye-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowlbirdseye-maple-salad-bowl


New T-shirts and Hoodies


I finally got around to printing a few t-shirts and hoodies.  They are the first in my new clothing line, Rock Art Apparel.  I’ve been planing on creating a line of shirts inspired by the petroglyphs of the Southwest for about a year now.

I have them listed here http://www.etsy.com/shop/HathawayStudios

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